Every family is crazy in their own special way, and the Haas family is no exception. The Summer We Fell Apart is the story of four siblings: Amy, George, Kate, and Finn as they careen into adulthood, trying to make peace with their past, and with each other. 

     As the children of a once brilliant playwright and a struggling actress, the Haas siblings were raised in a chaotic environment, abandoned into a shadowy adult world made up of equal parts glamour and neglect. When their father dies, they must depend on their intense but fragile bond to remember what it means to be family despite years of anger and hurt. From Amy’s adolescent yearnings for a "normal" life to George’s search for love and Kate’s struggle to not always be perfect, to the gritty details of Finn’s addictive and destructive behavior, the Haas children come to learn that this family --  no matter how ragged and flawed -provides all the hope they need. 

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"A preoccupied playwright father and a cult-actress mother are
 the stars of the Haas family in Antalek's well-crafted and cunning
 debut novel....a testament to the resilience of the human spirit
 and to the importance of family ties regardless of family history,
 making this an endearing and easy-to-relate-to dysfunctional
 family drama."         

  - Publishers Weekly

“Sibling love and rivalry take center stage in Robin Antalek’s
The Summer We Fell Apart, the story of the four Haas children, 
disconnected and adrift in the world, who somehow find their
way back to one another in spite of themselves. Full of the 
best kind of heartache, it’s an unforgettable, big-hearted 
debut that will make you want to pick up the phone and 
call your own brother or sister.”       
  -Will Allison, author of What You Have Left